1. Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman (Season 6, episode 2, aired May 6, 2015)


  1. Subject Matters. A public Q&A after the April 5, 2014 showing of Time and the Conways, Old Globe Theater (San Diego).
  1. Falling Through Time.  A public lecture broadcast on ABC TV Big Ideas.  It was shown on Aug 27, 2013 on ABC1 and repeated on ABCNEWS24.  Outside Australia only the unedited version is available.

          The New Great Time War. The Philosopher's Zone, ABC Radio National, Oct 6, 2013. Interviewed           by Joe Gelonesi with Huw Price.

  1. Nothing to See Here: Demoting the Uncertainty Principle. New York Times. July 22, 2013. The Stone. Mentioned also in Mother Jones.  Also: Return of the Stingy Oddsmaker: A Response.     
  1. A Matter of Time.  Video of NPR's Ira Flatow interviewing me, Tim Maudlin, Max Tegmark and Paul Davies at the 2013 World Science Festival. I do my spiel at about the 54 minute mark.
  2. Closer to the Truth. Video of an interview with Robert Kuhn of PBS. It takes place in the gorgeous University of Copenhagen library.
  1. What Is Time? The Biggest Questions.  Podcast interview by Tony Sobrado
  2. Illusions of Time and Self. Podcast interview for FQX by Carinne Piekema
  3. Evolving Time's Arrow. Profile of my work by Anil Ananthaswamy.
  4. Time Lord Interview with Richard Marshall at 3AM Magazine
  5. “The Time is Gone” by Nicola Nosengo, L'Espresso, January 19, 2012
  6. "Is Time an Illusion?" Scientific American, June 2010. [Reprinted in SciAm's special edition, A Matter of Time 2012.]
  7. (video of me discussing string theory with Woit, quantum mechanics and time's arrow with Maudlin, time w/ Barbour, and the environment w/ Odenbaugh)
  8. Philosophy TV (video of me discussing metaphysics with Schaffer, multiverse and entropy with Carroll)
  9. FQXi: (video of me speaking in Copenhagen)
  10. Quoted in New Scientist: Saving Time. Physics Killed It. Do We Need It Back? (2013), and Why Has Space Exactly Three Dimensions? (2013)
  11. Skipping Along with the Heavyweights of Time, New Scientist June 2010
  1. "Why I Eat Vegetarian Burritos" ppt slides for my Nov 2005 talk at the annual Muir College "Burritos Lecture", sponsored by Don Carlos Burrito.  It presents the overwhelming case for being vegetarian.  (Most of the pics come from the PETA website.)