PHIL 215 -- Eighteenth Century Philosophy
Kant and the limits of knowledge
Spring 2012

Instructor:    Clinton Tolley
   office:   HSS 8018
   hours:   tbd
   email:   ctolley [at]

Instructor:  Eric Watkins
   office:   HSS 8062
   hours:   tbd
   email:   ewatkins [at]


Time:        Thurs 2:00pm--5:00pm
Location:  Philosophy Seminar Room (7th fl, HSS 7077) [map]

Required textbooks

{available at UCSD Bookstore (in the Price Center)}

Kant, Prolegomena to any future Metaphysics, 2nd edition, Hatfield, ed. tr. (Cambridge, 2004)

Kant, Critique of Pure Reason, Guyer and Wood, eds. trs. (Cambridge, 1998)

{others tbd}

Recommended textbooks

Guyer, ed., Cambridge Companion to Kant's Critique of Pure Reason (Cambridge, 2010)

{others tbd}

Course description

We will work our way through Kant's Prolegomena and his first Critique, in order to come to an understanding of Kant's theory of 'cognition [Erkenntnis]' in general and his doctrine of 'knowledge [Wissen]' in particular.

Along the way we will look at some of the more recent discussions of these topics in Kant-studies, as well as look to contemporary accounts of cognition, cognitive content, and knowledge that intend to be broadly 'Kantian' in spirit.

Course requirements

* attendance
* participation
* two 2-3 page response papers
* final seminar paper

Schedule of readings


Reference links

volumes 1-23 of the Akademie Ausgabe of Kant's gesammelte Schriften (courtesy of Universitaet Bonn) at [link soon]
Adickes' 1889 edition of the Kritik der reinen Vernunft
Kirchmann's 1876 edition of the Prolegomena

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