PHIL 175 -- Aesthetics
Spring 2014

Professor:    Clinton Tolley
   office:   HSS 8018
   hours:   tbd
   email:   ctolley [at]

Teaching Assistant:   tbd
   hours:   tbd
   email:   tbd


Time:        Tu/Th 9:30-10:50am
Location:  Thurgood Marshall College (TM) 102 [map]

Required textbooks

{there are no required textbooks}
{a reader will be made available on the course's TED page}

Course description

This course will serve as an introduction to the philosophy of art.  We will discuss topics such as the nature and value of art, aesthetic experience, artists and the production of art, the grounds of artistic interpretation and evaluation, and the role of the arts in education, culture, and politics.  Throughout the course we will engage with art of many different forms (painting, music, literature, photography, film, new media, among others) from many different historical periods, genres, and traditions.  We will also read selections from writings on art by various authors from various traditions, possibly including: Plato, Hume, Kant, Freud, Emma Goldman, Clive Bell, Susanne Langer, Maurice Merleau-Ponty, Herbert Marcuse, Jean-Paul Sartre, Theodor Adorno, Susan Sontag, Roland Barthes, Harold Rosenberg, Linda Nochlin, Carol Duncan, and Cynthia Freeland.

Course requirements

* weekly reading/lecture questionnaires
* mid-term exam
* final exam
* attendance
* participation

Schedule of readings


Reference links

online encyclopedia entries

Aesthetics (IEP)
The concept of the aesthetic (stanford)
The definition of art (stanford)
History of ontology of art (stanford)
Aesthetic judgment (stanford)
The philosophy of music (stanford)
The philosophy of film (stanford)

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