PHIL 108 -- 19th Century Philosophy
Idealism, Materialism, Pessimism, Anarchism, Pragmatism
Spring 2017

Professor:    Clinton Tolley
   office:   HSS 8018
   hours:   12:30-2:00pm
   email:   ctolley [at]

Teaching Assistant:   tbd
   hours:   tbd
   email:   tbd


Time:        MWF 11:00-11:50am
Location:  Mandeville Hall (MANDE) B-104 [map]

Required textbooks

{there are no required textbooks}
{a reader will be made available on the course's TED page}

Course description

This course will serve as an introduction to some of the more influential movements in 19th century philosophy that arose in Europe and the U.S. We will begin by discussing the idealism emerging from Germany after Kant, concerning the effectiveness of reason to organize and govern human life. We will then move on to examine several of its most influential critics, including historical materialism, pessimism, anarchism, and pragmatism. We will read a
series of works by Georg HEGEL, Karl MARX, Arthur SCHOPENHAUER, Friedrich NIETZSCHE, William JAMES, W.E.B DU BOIS, Emma GOLDMAN, Rosa LUXEMBURG, and Jane ADDAMS.  Throughout the course we will also engage with the art and culture of the period, in order to see how these topics and questions were being wrestled with by contemporaries of our

Course requirements

* weekly reading/lecture questionnaires
* weekly short written responses
* mid-term exam
* final exam
* attendance
* participation

Schedule of readings

hegel, introduction to the philosophy of history
marx, on feuerbach, 1844 manuscripts, german ideology, capital
schopenhauer, the world as will and representation, book IV
nietzsche, twilight of the idols
james, the moral philosopher, the will to believe, pragmatism
du bois, the souls of black folk
goldman, anarchism, traffic in women, failure of christianity
luxemburg, reform or revolution
addams, newer ideals of peace

Reference links

online encyclopedia entries:
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schopenhauer [stanford]
nietzsche [stanford]
james [stanford]
du bois [iep]
goldman [wikipedia]
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addams [iep]

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