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Aristotle (384-322 BC)

A. English editions of Aristotle's works

Oxford Edition of The Works of Aristotle (W.D. Ross, general editor)

Volume I -- Categoriae, De interpretatione, Analytica priora, Analytica posteriora, Topica, De sophisticis elenchis [google books]

Volume II -- Physica, De caelo, De generatione et corruptione [read online at archive.org/download as djvu]

Volume III -- Meteorologica, De mundo, De anima, Parva naturalia, De spiritu [pdf from archive.org]

Volume IV -- Historia animalium [google books]

Volume V -- De partibus animalium, De motu, De incessu animalium, De generatione animalium [google books]

Volume VI -- Opuscula [pdf from archive.org]

Volume VII -- Problemata [pdf from archive.org]

Volume VIII -- Metaphysica (2nd ed.) [google books]

Volume IX -- Ethica nicomachea, Magna moralia, Ethica eudemia [google books]

Volume X -- Politica, Oeconomica, Atheniensium respublica [google books]

Volume XI -- De rhetorica, De rhetorica ad Alexandrum, De Poetica [google books]

Volume XII -- Selected fragments [google books]

B. Editions of Greek texts

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