Gerald D. Doppelt

G. Doppelt


Office: H&SS 7013

Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University, 1969.

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I have taught at the University of Pennsylvania (1966-73) and as a visiting lecturer at U.C. Berkeley and the University of Illinois, Chicago Circle. My two main areas of philosophical interest are the philosophy of science and political theory. In my Ph.D. thesis and subsequent research, I have been concerned with the conflicts between empiricist, historicist, and pragmatic conceptions of science (including social science), especially concerning the role of observational data in validation. My research interests in political theory focus on developing a philosophical dialogue between liberal and radical conceptions of social justice and social theory itself. This also involves an interest in explicating Marxism as a distinctive approach to philosophical problems such as that of fact-value, knowledge-ideology, and normative ethics.

As a teacher, I have been concerned to develop a humanistic way of teaching philosophy that helps students understand and think critically about their society, and their lives within it. I try to explicate that dimension of philosophical theories which reflects and bears on concrete problems in a society's form of culture, political organization, and daily social life. My teaching interests focus on the liberal political tradition (Hobbes, Locke, Mill, Rawls, and Nozick), Marx and Western Marxism, and contemporary theories of physical and social science.

Examples of Publications:


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