German Philosophy Reading Group

Organizer: Eric Watkins
Fridays, 2:15-3:45, HSS 8025 (except when noted)

The German Philosophy Reading Group will focus on recent work on German philosophy broadly construed (including Kant and Hegel, but also Leibniz, Bolzano, Husserl, Heidegger, German Romantics, etc.). It will have (roughly bi-weekly) meetings mainly devoted to discussing paper-length work-in-progress by people in or visiting the department (graduate students, faculty, or visiting scholars) with the papers distributed ca. one week in advance. However, we will, on occasion, also discuss important papers/book chapters by others that have been published recently. If you are in the area or will be visiting San Diego and would like to participate, please contact Eric Watkins (ewatkins at

All meetings will be held in the Philosophy Department library (HSS 8025). Papers to be discussed will be circulated electronically approximately one week before the meeting.

Meeting Schedule

Winter 2016

Date                 Speaker                                                                        Title
Jan. 15 Clinton Tolley (UCSD) Hegel on the conception of thought in logic
Jan. 22 Charlotte Baumann (TU Berlin) Hermann Cohen on the object and affection in Kant
Jan. 29 Hope Sample (Ohio State, visiting) The Transcendental Exposition of the Concept of Time
Feb. 5 Michael Oberst (HU Berlin/UCSD) Kant on Real Possibility
Mar. 4 Aaron Wells (Notre Dame, visiting) Leibniz and Kant on Final Causes

Spring 2016

Date                 Speaker                                                                        Title
Mar. 28 (Mon) Andrew Stephenson (Oxford/Berlin) Imagination and Inner Intuition
Apr. 6 (Wed.) Ralf Bader (Oxford) Kant and the Table of Nothing
Apr. 15 Hemmo Laiho (Turku, Finland/UCSD) Synthesis and the Primacy of Intuition in Kant's Account of Perception
May 6
Max Edwards (UCSD)
Conceptual Content after the Copernican Turn
May 20
Rosalind Chaplin (UCSD)
The First Antinomy and the Actual Infinity of Space and Time
May 27 Brian Tracz (UCSD) From Sensation to Image: Kant and the Perceived Object

Fall 2016

Date                 Speaker                                                                        Title
Oct. 14 Claudi Brink (UCSD) The Role of the Fact of Reason in Practical Cognition
Nov. 28 Michael Pittman (UCSD) Feeling in Hegel's Anthropology

Winter 2017

Jan. 20
Joe Stratmann (UCSD)
Kant and the Absolutely Unconditioned
Feb. 7 Karl Ameriks (Notre Dame) Kant on Freedom as Autonomy
March 3 Ilijaz Mekanic (Irvine) The Appearance/Experience Distinction in the Metaphysical Foundations

Spring 2017

May 26
Claudi Brink (UCSD)
Understanding the Original Unity of Apperception

Fall 2017

Sept. 29
Eric Watkins (UCSD)
Kant and the Grounding of Transcendental Idealism
Oct. 13 Peter Yong (USD) Hegel on Perceptual Negation
Oct. 17 Angela Breitenbach (Cambridge) Kant on the Ideal Unity of Science

Winter 2018

Jan. 13
Bennett McNulty (Minnesota)
Kant on Time and the Mathematical Sciences
Feb. 10 Katharina Kraus (Notre Dame) The Nature of Inner Experience: Kant on Self-Knowledge, ch. 2
Feb. 10 Katharina Kraus (Notre Dame) The Nature of Inner Experience: Kant on Self-Knowledge, ch. 4
Feb. 10 Katharina Kraus (Notre Dame) The Nature of Inner Experience: Kant on Self-Knowledge, ch. 5