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Phil 105 The Empiricists

The purpose of this course is to introduce the main positions and arguments of the British Empiricists: John Locke, George Berkeley, and David Hume.

I. Reading Assignments (subject to adjustment)

Th 9-27 Introduction
T 10-2 Locke: Rejection of Innate Ideas (pp.11-17) & Leibniz: Reply (115-121)
Th 10-4 Locke: Positive Account of the Mind (17-26, 31-42, 53-55)
T 10-9 Locke: Primary vs. Secondary Qualities (26-31, 42-44)
Th 10-11 Locke: Personal Identity (61-70)
T 10-16 Locke: Nominal vs. Real Essence (70-79)
Th 10-18 Locke: Epistemology (79-114)
T 10-23 No Class (University-wide)
Th 10-25 No Class (University-wide)
T 10-30 Midterm Exam
Th 11-1

Berkeley: Critique of Locke (pp. 130-138)

T 11-6 Berkeley: Idealism (138-157)  
Th 11-8 Berkeley: Consequences (157-174)
T 11-13 Hume: Theory of Mind (237-251)
Th 11-15 Hume: Causality (251-263, 279-289)
T 11-20 Hume: Causality, continued Term Paper Description Due
Th 11-22 Thanksgiving (no class)
T 11-27 Hume: Skepticism (289-312)
Th 11-29 Hume: The Self (312-327)
T 12-4 Hume: On Miracles (371-380)
Th 12-6 Hume: On Theistic Proofs (380-386) & Concluding Lecture
Term Paper Due
Th 12-13 Final Exam (8:00-10:59)

II. Texts:

Ariew, Roger & Watkins, Eric. Readings in Modern Philosophy. Volume II: Locke, Berkeley, Hume and Associated Texts. Indianapolis/Cambridge: Hackett Publishing Company, 2000.

The text is available in the UCSD bookstore. All readings listed on the syllabus will be from this anthology.

III. Requirements:

1. Quizzes (totaling 20%)
There will be five unannounced quizzes. No make-up quizzes will be given. The lowest quiz grade will be dropped.

2. Final exam (50%)
The exam will be comprehensive and consist of a combination of short answer and longer essay questions.

3. Either:

Midterm Exam
On Locke (30%)


One Term Paper (30%)
The term paper should be
10 pages in length. It should incorporate primary literature not assigned in class and discuss some secondary literature. Term paper topics will not be assigned; instead, one must submit for my approval a 2-3 page description of the topic and what literature (both primary and secondary) will be discussed.

Make-up Exam Policy
A make-up examination will be arranged only if evidence of a valid excuse (e.g., a note from the doctor, the dean or athletic department, etc.) is presented in a timely manner. If a student misses an examination without a valid excuse, the student will receive a grade of F for that exam.

IV. Other Information

1. I expect students to have read the material in advance and to be prepared to discuss it in class. This is not designed as a lecture course, so class discussion is essential.

2. Honor Code. The Academic Honor Code must be observed in this course.

3. If accommodations are needed for a disability or religious reasons, please notify me during the first class period or as soon as possible.