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  • I'm about to Publish Neurophilosophy at Work.
  • I have a new webpage!

To do on this webpage:

  • Determine what other info to put in the right side.
  • Post digital copies recent papers.
  • Post course syllabi.
  • Get full list of advised students.
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I am a Professor at UCSD, where I currently hold the Valtz Chair of Philosophy. I am also a member of the Cognitive Science Faculty, the Institute for Neural Computation, and the Science Studies Faculty.

My current research interests lie in the philosophy of science, the philosophy of mind, artificial intelligence and cognitive neurobiology, epistemology, and perception.

Married: to Patricia S. Churchland, B.A., M.A., B.Phil.(Oxon.), D.Litt.
Children: Mark (27) and Anne (25).

B.A. (hons), Philosophy, Physics, & Mathematics, University of British Columbia, 1964
Ph.D., Philosophy, University of Pittsburgh, 1969.

Employment History:
  • University of Pittsburgh at Greensburgh
    • Instructor, 1969
  • University of Toronto
    • Lecturer, 1967-69
  • University of Manitoba,
    • Assistant Professor, 1969-74
    • Associate Professor, 1974-79
    • Professor, 1979-84
  • Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, N.J.
    • Member, 1982-83
  • University of California, San Diego,
    • Professor, 1984-present
    • Department Chair, 1986-90
    • Valtz Chair, 2003-present