Philosophy 13 Introduction to Philosophy--Ethics
Fall, 2008
Richard Arneson, Professor.
Teaching Assistants: Damon Crockett & Nanhee Byrnes

Arneson office hours: Tuesdays 2-3 and Thursdays 3-4 in HSS 8057.
Arneson email

Note. This handout contains necessary information on course assignments and other matters that is not duplicated below.

Weekly schedule. Contains mainly links to readings not found in the course texts and links to notes and handouts.

Week 1. September 22-28.
THUR: Lecture 1 Notes.

Week 2. September 29-October 5.
TUES: Lecture Notes--Introduction to Mill.
THUR: Blackboard Notes on Mill on the good. Reading: Robert Adams, "Well-Being and Excellence." Recommended (note: NOT required) reading: Richard Kraut, "Desire and Human Good"; also Derek Parfit, "What Makes Someone's Life Go Best?".

Week 3. October 6-12.
TUES: Notes on utilitarianism and consequentialism. Reading: John Rawls, "Two Concepts of Rules." Further recommended reading: J. J. C. Smart, "Extreme and Restricted Utilitarianism."Notes on Mill on rules.
THUR: Notes on Mill's 'Proof,' chapter 4. Notes on Mill on sanctions, chapter 3.

Week 4. October 13-19.
TUES: Reading: John Rawls, "Classical Utilitarianism."Lecture notes: Mill on Justice.
THUR: Reading: Peter Singer, "Famine, Affluence, and Morality."Blackboard Notes on Singer.

Week 5. October 20-26.
TUES: Takehome midterm exam (due next Tuesday). Jean Hampton, "Selflessness and Loss of Self."Lecture notes on Hampton.
THUR: Thomas Hurka, "The Justification of National Partiality."Lecture notes on Hurka.

Week 6. October 27-November 2.
TUES: Midterm takehome exam due in class. Reading: Warren Quinn, "Actions, Intentions, and Consequences: The Doctrine of Double Effect." Reading: Judith Thomson, "The Trolley Problem." Notes on DDE and DAO.
THUR: Reading: Robert Nozick, "Moral Constraints and Moral Goals"; also Amarta Sen, "Rights and Agency" (sections 1-4 only, not the whole essay). Notes on Nozick vs. Sen.

Week 7. November 3-9
TUES: Judith Thomson, "Self-Defense"; also Judith Thomson, "Tradeoffs." .
Notes on Thomson and self-defense. Further notes: Spongy side constraints.
Further further notes: Arneson excerpt.
THUR: Writing assignment (due in class on November 25). Notes, Intro to Locke.

November 10-16.
THUR: Notes on Locke on property.

Week 9. November 17-23.
TUES: Reading: A. John Simmons, "Tacit Consent and Political Obligation."Notes on Locke on tacit consent.
THUR: Note, Hume on tacit consent. Notes on Locke on limited government.

Week 10. November 24-30.
TUES: Reading: Robert Adams, "Abraham's Dilemma." WRITING ASSIGNMENT DUE IN CLASS.

Week 11. December 1-7.
[Note: The last scheduled class, on Thursday of this week, has to be rescheduled. This last class will be held and then repeated on three occasions this same week--Monday 4-5, in HSS 2154, Tuesday 5-6 in Center Hall 207, and Tuesday 6-7, in Center Hall 207. I apologize for any inconvenience this shift causes you.--RJA.]
TUES: Reading: Robert Nozick, "The Principle of Fairness"; A. John Simmons, "The Principle of Fair Play." Also Arneson, Notes on Principle of Fairness. Recommended reading: Jeremy Waldron, "Special Ties and Natural Duties."
THUR: See note just above. Reading: Christopher Wellman, "A Defense of Secession and Political Self-Determination"; also Allen Buchanan, "Theories of Secession."Notes on Secession.

FINAL EXAM WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 10, 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., in CSB 002 (our regular classroom). Advance information on final exam.
(More advance information. Here is last year's short answer portion of the final. This year's questions will be different. The final will consist of 1.5 hours of essay questions and 1.5 hours of short-answer questions. An advance information handout on the final will be posted next week.)