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Philosophy 160---Ethical Theory

Winter, 2009

Richard Arneson


Introductory Handout.
This handout contains class-by-class reading assignments and other information about the class not otherwise available--and NOT reproduced below on this page.


Weekly schedule.

Week 1. January 4-10.
MON: Introduction
WED: Reading: David Gauthier, excerpt from Morals by Agreement, chapter one and chapter two.
WED: Notes on Gauthier.

Week 2. January 11-17.
MON: Reading: Gauthier, excerpt from Morals by Agreement, chapter 6. Also, notes on Gauthier, chapter 6.

Week 3. January 18-24.
MON: NO CLASS. Martin Luther King Holiday.
WED: (Class actually met on Tuesday.) Reading: N. Arpaly, "Moral Worth."
Handout on moral worth. Shorter version of same.

Week 4. January 25-31.
MON: This class meeting wil have to be rescheduled. My apologies.
MON: Notes on Kant, Groundwork.

Week 5. February 1-7.
MON: Midterm takehome exam. (If you can't download the midterm, send me an email messager at and I will send it to you. That goes for other course material you are lacking, that should be on the course web page.)
MON: Reading: P. Foot, "Morality as a System of Hypothetical Imperatives."

Week 6. February 8-14.

Week 7. February 15-21.
MON: NO CLASS. Presidents' Day Holiday.

Week 8. February 22-28.

Week 9. March 1-7.
WED: Reading: Samuel Scheffler, "Relationships and Responsibilities"

Week 10. March 8-14.