SPRING, 2006            DICK ARNESON, Professor

Click here for COURSE SYLLABUS
(Contains information on asignments, readings, etc. not duplicated below)

Further week by week announcements.

Week 1
MON: Lecture 1 Handout.
FRI:   Notes on Locke on Property.  Click on blue.

Week 2
MONJohn Simmons, "Tacit Consent and Political Obligation."  Click on blue.
WED:  Handout: Hume on Tacit Consent.  Click on blue.

Week 3
WED: Handout: Notes on Discourse on Inequality, Part 1.  Click on blue.

Week 4
FRI: Recommended, not required reading: Frederick Neuhouser, "Freedom, Dependence, and the General Will."  Click on blue to view and download.

Week 5
WED: Advance information on midterm exam.  Click on blue.

Week 6
MON: Handout: Marx on alienated labor.  Click on blue.
MON: Recommended, not required reading: Michael Walzer, "Money and Commodities."  Click on blue.
FRI: Handout: Marx's historical materialism.  Click on blue. Note: You should also get a copy of another handout, Marx, "Preface to the Critique of Political Economy" (1859), from the instructor, in class.
FRI: Recommended, not required reading: Arneson, "Marxism and Secular Faith."

Week 7
MON:  Allen Wood, "The Marxian Critique of Justice."  Click on blue.
MON: Handout: Marx as Moralist and Antimoralist.  Click on blue.
MON: Writing Assignment.  (Also passed out in class.)  Click on blue.
MON: Handout I: Arneson, guide to writing a moral philosophy paper.  Click on blue.  Handout II: Allen Wood: guide to writing philosophy papers.  Click on blue.

Week 8
TUES: Makeup lecture, first lecture on Mill, 7:00-7:50 p.m. in HSS 1106B.  Makeup lecture notes.  Click on blue.  Note: You should also get a copy of another handout, "excerpt from Mill, Utilitarianism, chapter 2," available from instructor in class.
WED: Mill on individuality.  Notes.  Click on blue.
FRI: Handout, examples of applying the liberty principle.  Click on blue.
FRI: Notes, last bit of Friday lecture on Mill.  Click on blue.

Week 9
WED. & FRI:  NO CLASS.  (Instructor available for email consultation Memorial Day weekend up to Tuesday morning, May 30, and again the next weekend Saturday evening and Sunday, June 3 and 4, at  (that's a double "r" between "san" and "com"))

Week 10
MON: Writing Assignment due in class.
MON: First lecture on Mill, Considerations on Representative Government.
TUES: Makeup class, second lecture on Mill, Considerations on Representative Government, chapters 4-6. 7:00-7:50 p.m. in HSS 1106B. Notes on chapters 1-6.  Click on blue.
FRI: Advance information on final exam.  Click on blue.

FINAL EXAM Friday, June 16 from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.. in CSB 005.