Philosophy 162: Contemporary Moral Issues
Richard Arneson, instructor.
Winter, 2008

Welcome to Philosophy 162. You should consult this web page every other day or so for information on the course.


SYLLABUS. revised 1/17/2008. Click on blue.
Please note--the syllabus contains information about required readings that is NOT duplicated on the weekly schedule below, which mainly consists of links to downloadable materials.

Weekly schedule.

Week 1. January 7-13.
MON: Introductory lecture notes.

Week 2. January 14-20.
MON: Reading: D. Luban, "Preventive War." Recommended reading: G. Doppelt, "Walzer's Theory of Morality in International Relations."
WED: Reading: T. Hurka, "Proportionality in the Morality of War."
FRI: Reading: G.E.M. Anscombe, "War and Murder." Recommended reading: L. May, "The Principle of Discrimination or Distinction."

Week 3. January 21-27.

Week 4. January 28-February 3.
MON: R. Brandt, "Utilitarianism and the Rules of War"; also T. Nagel, "War and Massacre."
MON: MAKEUP CLASS, Monday, January 28, 5-6 p.m., in Philosophy Department Library, 8025 HSS Bldg. (northeast corner of 8th floor, HSS Bldg tower, Muir campus). Required Reading: J. McMahan, "The Ethics of Killing in War"; also R. Arneson, "Just warfare and Noncombatant Immunity." Lecture Notes for makeup class.
WED: Reading: R. Fulinwider, "Terrorism, Innocence, and War"; also D. Luban, "The War on Terrorism and the End of Human Rights." Please note: These two links contain the course reading but include other material as well. Further recommended reading: P. Kahn, "The Paradox of Riskless Warfare."
THUR: Repeat of Monday makeup class--4-5 pm, 8025 HSS Bldg. (Philosophy Department Library).
FRI: Further recommended reading: P. Kahn essay; see link just above.

Week 5. February 4-10.
MON: Reading: J. Thomson, "Self-Defense." Handout--information on midterm.
FRI: Reading: P. Singer, "Famine, Affluence, and Morality."

Week 6. February 11-17.
MON: Reading: Garrett Cullity, "Asking Too Much." Lecture notes, "Rejecting Singer."
WED: Reading: L. Murphy, "The Demands of Beneficence."WRITING ASSIGNMENT.
FRI: Reading: T. Hurka, "The Justification of National Partiality." Lecture Notes on Hurka.

Week 7. February 18-24.
WED: Reading: R. Miller, "Cosmopolitan Respect and Patriotic Concern." Lecture notes: A Taxonomy of views on partiality.

Week 8. February 25-March 2.
WED: Further recommended reading: Mathias Risse, "Do We Owe the Global Poor Assistance or Rectification?".
FRI: Reading: M. Blake and M. Risse, "Is There a Human Right to Free Movement? Immigration and Original Ownership of Earth." Recommended reading: Michael Walzer, "Membership" (from his book Spheres of Justice).
Lecture notes on Immigration and Border Control.

Week 9. March 3-9.
MON: WRITING ASSIGNMENT DUE IN CLASS. Reading: L. Kass, "Neither for Love Nor Money: Why Doctors Must Not Kill"; also D. Brock, "Voluntary Active Euthanasia." Further recommended reading: Dan Callahan, "When Self-Determination Runs Amok."
WED: D. Velleman, "A Right of Self-Termination?"; also F. Kamm, "Physician-Assisted Suicide, the Doctrine of Double Effect, and the Ground of Value." Lecture note on Velleman.
FRI: P. Weithman, "Of Assisted Suicide and 'The Philosophers' Brief'"; also G. Dworkin, "Sex, Suicide, and Doctors." Recommended reading: E. Ezekiel, "What Is the Great Benefit Of Legalizing Euthanasia or Physician-Assisted Suicide?".

Week 10. March 10-16.
MON: Reading: A. Buchanan, D. Brock, N. Daniels, and D. Wikler, "Genetic Intervention and the Morality of Inclusion."
WED: Reading: Buchanan, Brock, Daniels, and Wikler, "Why Not the Best?".
FRI: Reading: Jeff McMahan, "Cognitive Disability, Misfortune and Justice"; also D. Brock, "Health Care ResourcePrioritization and Discrimination against persons with Disabilities."


FINAL EXAM FOR PHILOSOPHY 162: Monday, March 17, from 11:30 a.m. to 2:330 p.m.
The exam will take place in 148 Sequoyah Hall (our regular classroom). No use of books or notes is permitted during the exam.