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Welcome to my website

I am an associate professor of philosophy and of science studies in the Department of Philosophy at the University of California at San Diego (UCSD).

My philosophical interests most prominently include foundational issues in physics, particularly in classical general relativity and quantum gravity. Of course, I also get excited about the implications of philosophy of physics for general philosophy of science and metaphysics. More specifically, I also work on space and time, persistence, identity, laws of nature, determinism, and causation. I have also historical interests, particularly in the history of physics.

My Erdös Number is 3 (Erdös → Tarski → Andreka and Nemeti → me).

Emergent Spacetime in Quantum Theories of Gravity

Nick Huggett (University of Illinois, Chicago) and I are working on a large new research project funded (inter alia) by the American Council of Learned Societies on the emergence of spacetime from fundamental, non-spatio-temporal structures as suggested by many approaches in quantum gravity.