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NAKS biennial
UNAM / Mexico City [link]
tbd / Bolzano, idealism, and aesthetics

American Society for Aesthetics
Eastern APA
January 2023 [link]
The difference between the logical and the spiritual

Hegels Zukunft (Hegel 252)
Humboldt-Universitaet zu Berlin
August 2022 [link]
Hegel (and Kant) on Spirit as Substance

Colloquium in Philosophical Anthropology and the Philosophy of Spirit
Universität Potsdam
June 2022 [link]
Hegel on the Metaphysics and Theology of Logic
Colloque International: Homo Logicus IV
History and Sociology of Logic
EPHE-Sorbonne; University of Paris
June 2022 [link]
Hegel on the understanding, reason, and spirit

Spinoza, Kant, Hegel: Perspectives, Contradictions, Antinomies
University of Valencia
June 2022 [link]
comments on Elvira Basevich, W.E.B. Du Bois: The Lost and the Found (book symposium)

Pacific APA
April 2022 [link]
From the Science of Consciousness (1913) to a Phenomenology of Spirit (1922)

Phenomenology/German Idealism Workshop
Nayang Technological University
March 2022 [link]
Husserl on Structuralism: Formal and Material Dimensions of Mathematics (with Erich Reck)

California Phenomenology Circle / Orange County Philosophy Circle
Chapman University
February 2022 [link]
Comments on Carlos Sanchez, Emilio Uranga: Analysis of Mexican Being

Emilio Uranga conference
UNAM / Instituto de Investigaciones Filosóficas
August 2021 [link]

Comments on Andrew Chignell, 'Moral Features Shine Through'
Kant's Foundational Assumptions conference
August 2021 [link]
The difference between the space of intuition and the space of experience

opening keynote
Kant Congress
Centro de Estudios Filosóficos
April 2021 [link]
comments on Katharina Kraus, Kant on self-knowledge and self-formation

History of Philosophy Forum
University of Notre Dame
March 2021 [link]
'Edith Stein and the phenomenology of objective spirit'

Leipzig Colloquium
Forschungskolleg: Analytic German Idealism
February 2021 [link]
'The Spiritual Foundations of Metaphysics:
Aesthetic Monism in the Early José Vasconcelos'

Society for Mexican-American Philosophy (SMAP)
Eastern APA
January 2021 [link]
comments on Melissa Zinkin, 'The systematic structure of judgments of taste'

American Society for Aesthetics
78th Annual Meeting (virtual)
November 2020 [link]
'What is 'mathematical' about the first Critique's mathematical concepts and principles'

seminario idealismo aleman
September 2020
[The distinction between the logical and the science of logic]

Hegels Zukunft
Humboldt-Universitaet zu Berlin
August 2020 [link]

[postponed to 2022 due to covid]
Comments on Daniel J. Smith, 'The Division of Nothing in the Critique of Pure Reason'

North American Kant Society
Biennial Meeting (virtual)
Binghampton University
June 2020 [link]
[José Vasconcelos, Mexican muralism, and the aesthetic self-consciousness of a people]

Global Arts Program Colloquium
UC Merced
May 2020 [link] [postponed due to covid]
[varieties of post-positivism in early 20th century Mexican philosophy (Caso, Larroyo, Vasconcelos)]

Pacific APA
San Francisco
April 2020 [link]
[postponed due to covid]
book symposium participant on Alfredo Ferrarin's Thinking and the I

Society for German Idealism and Romanticism
Central APA
February 2020 [link]
The subjectivity of the understanding, the intersubjectivity of reason

session on Kant, subjectivity, and intersubjectivity
Central APA
February 2020 [link]
The unity of logic as a science

Hegel conference
Purdue University
February 2020 [link]
Spontaneity, autonomy, and autocracy as distinct concepts of freedom

Pacific Study Group
North American Kant Society
Loyola Marymount University
February 2020 [link]
Notes from the history of philosophies of the imagination

Symposium: What is the Imagination?
Arthur C. Clarke Center for the Human Imagination
UC San Diego
Jan 2020 [link]
Kant's third Critique as a philosophy of technology
Philosophy Department colloquium
University of Notre Dame
Sept 2019 [link]
Kant and the orders of self-representation

Kant on the Self conference
University of Notre Dame
Sept 2019 [link]
Jose Vasconcelos, the Mexican muralists, and the philosophy of culture

southern california aesthetics forum
san diego
July 2019 [link]
three concepts of freedom in Kant's metaphysics

V congreso iberoamericano de filosofia
facultad de filosofia y letras, UNAM
June 2019
program pdf [link]
Vasconcelos and the philosophy of culture

history of philosophy roundtable
May 2019 [link]
from Kant's 'idea' of freedom to its 'postulate'

seminario de filosofia kantiana e idealismo aleman
Universidad National Autónomia de México (UNAM)
April 2019 [link]
Kant and Sellars on intuitive and physical space
Sellars Society
Pacific APA
Apr 2019 [link]
on Herder's fourth Grove

Pacific APA
Apr 2019 [link]
powers between Kant and Hegel

Powers: A History (conference)
Ohio State University
March 2019 [link]
the metaphysics of powers in Kant (and Hegel)

DAAD conference on the metaphysics of German Idealism
Instituto de Investigaciones Filosóficas
Universidad Michoacana NSH, Mexico
March 2019 [link]
post-Kantianism on the social and the pleasureable in the sensus communis
Society for German Idealism and Romanticism (SGIR)
Central APA
Feb 2019 [link]
Idealism, Utopia, and Technology: Rethinking the Completion of Kant’s Critical System
Philosophy Department Colloquium
UC Berkeley
Feb 2019 [link]
panelist: 'current trends in aesthetics'

Southern California Student Conference in Aesthetics
Univ of San Diego
Nov 2018 [link]
Phenomenology and the methodology of Uranga’s Análisis del ser del mexicano

Instituto de Investigaciones Filosóficas
Universidad Michoacana NSH, Mexico
Oct 2018 [link]
lo mexicano and the generality and normativity in existentialism (with Manuel Vargas)

3rd Biennial Binational Conference on Mexican Philosophy
Mount St Marys University (LA, CA)
Oct 2018 [link]
Idea, life, and spirit as subject-object in Hegel

Kritik der R(h)einen Vernunft
Final Conference of the Cambridge-DAAD Network on German Philosophy
Sept 2018 [link]
comments on Karl Ameriks: Kant, Herder, and historical cosmopolitanism

North American Kant Society
4th Biennial Meeting
Vancouver, Canada
May 2018 [link]
Music as phenomenology: Éliane Radigue and Maryanne Amacher

Horizons of Phenomenology
UC Merced
April 2018 [link]
Post-Kantian philosophy of music between idealism and materialism

Department of Music
UC San Diego
March 2018
Kant on the role of the imagination (and images) in the transition from intuition to experience

Modern Philosophy Workshop
Ohio State University
February 2018
Hegel's conception of thinking in the Encyclopedia Logic

History of Philosophy Group
McMaster University
February 2018
Hegel's conception of thinking in his Logics

History of Philosophy Group
University of Toronto
October 2017 [link]
Kant's conception of reason and its place in his idealism

International Kant Summer School
Universitaet Mainz
July 10-14 2017 [link]
Kant on the unity of representations and the unity of their objects

workshop: 'the Unity of the Object'
DAAD network on German philosophy
Universitaet Bonn
June 17-18 2017 [link]
Kant, Fichte, and the role of the human body in transcendental philosophy

Being Human: the history of the concept
University of Toronto
June 10-11 2017 [link]
The movement of thinking from consciousness to comprehension, from Kant to Hegel

Spring Lecture Series
Department of Philosophy
Catholic University of America
April 28 2017 [link]
remarks on Catherine Malabou, Before Tomorrow

book workshop with Catherine Malabou
UCSD Center for Humanities / Department of Philosophy
April 2017 [link]
'The subject of thinking in the absolute idea'

Reconsidering Hegel's Logic
University of Pittsburgh
April 2017 [link]
audio of talk [link]
audio of q&a [link]
'From transcendental phenomenology to absolute idealism'

'The Phenomenology of the Transcendental'
Society for Phenomenology and Analytic Philosophy (SPAP)
Pacific APA
April 2017 [link]
'Cassirer, symbolic forms, and the philosophy of categories'

Session on Categories
North American Neo-Kantian Society (NANKS)
Pacific APA
April 2017 [link]
Edith Stein and the experience of intersubjectivity

History of Philosophy Roundtable
April 2017 [link]
on Hegel and Kant on logic and the absolute

German Idealism Workshop
Universidad National Autónomia de México (UNAM)
March 2017 [link]
The distinction between sensation, perception, and experience of others in Edith Stein's work on empathy

CPC meeting
UC Irvine
March 26 2017 [link]
street art, public art, aesthetics, politics (with Nick Riggle)

Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies
Grossmont College
March 13 2017 [link]
Kant on the place of cognition in the progression of representations

Modern Philosophy workshop
Ohio State University
February 2017 [link]
Intuition, experience, practical cognition: comments on Lucy Allais

Intuition, East and West
Kant in Asia conference
Hong Kong Baptist University
December 2016 [link]
comments on Stefanie Gruene on Kant and the imagination

Issues in Modern Philosophy: Imagination
November 11-12 2016 [link]
Kant on the relation between concepts and images

New School for Social Research
Philosophy workshop
November 10 2016
Absolute idealism and the philosophy of categories after Kant

Department Colloquium
Georgetown University
November 2016 [link]
Philosophies of categories: theories and critiques

Department Lecture Series
University of Richmond
September 2016 [link]
The uses of German philosophy (panel)

German Studies Association (GSA)
San Diego, CA
September 2016 [link]
The place of logic in the Schelling-Hegel debate

Philosophy Department Workshop
University of Sydney
August 2016 [link]
Overcoming skepticism after Fichte: Schelling on the identity of nature and science

Workshop: Science and Nature in the Long Eighteenth Century
Sydney Centre for the Foundations of Science
University of Sydney
August 2016 [link]
Kant on the distinction between thinking, cognizing, and holding-true

Berlin Kant Workshop: Kant on Following Rules
Humboldt University, Berlin
June 2016 [link] [program pdf]
Kant's taxonomy of inner representations

Workshop on Kant's Categories
Humboldt University, Berlin
June 2016 [link]
Helmholtz's psychology and the distinction between sensation and perception

Society for the Study of the History of Analytical Philosophy (SSHAP)
Metropolitan State University, Denver
June 2016 [link]
Hegel on the unity of thought

Workshop: 'The Unity of the Subject'
DAAD network on German Philosophy
Newnham College
Cambridge University
June 6-7 2016 [link]
Hegel's conception of thinking in his Encyclopedia Logic

Logic in Kant's Wake conference
McMaster University
May 2016 [link]
Empathy, perception, and experience in Edith Stein

History of Philosophy Roundtable
UC San Diego
May 2016 [link]
(California) Phenomenology and (German) Idealism

Society for Phenomenology and Analytic Philosophy (SPAP)
Pacific APA (San Francisco)
April 2016 [link]
Comments on Jim Kreines's Reason in the World

Book Symposium
Central APA
Chicago, IL
March 2016 [link]
Husserl on the Logic and Ontology of Manifolds (with Erich Reck)

Roots of Mathematical Structuralism
UC Riverside
Jan 16 2016 [link]
Hegel on the conception of thought in logic

German Philosophy Research Group
UC San Diego
Jan 15 2016 [link]
Logic and ontology in Kant and after

History of Philosophy Workshop
University of Notre Dame
Oct 26 2015 [link]
Logic and ontology in Kant's historical context

Central NAKS
Northwestern University
Oct 23-24 2015 [link]
The use of 'perception' in Kant and his German predecessors

International Kant Congress
Vienna, Austria
September 2015 [link]
Body and Soul: Kant on the objects of experience

Philosophy Club
SUNY Purchase, NY
September 16 2015
Realism in Kant and after

Bonn summer school on German Idealism
University of Bonn, Germany
 July 2015 [link] [video]
Distinguishing inner sensation, intuition, perception, and experience

Kant on Introspection, Self-consciousness, and Self-Knowledge
Robert R Chalmers conference
University of Nebraska, Lincoln
May 1-2, 2015 [link]
Comments on Lanier Anderson's Poverty of Conceptual Truth

Author meets Critics
Pacific APA
Vancouver, Canada
 April 2015 [link]
Comments on Jeremy Heis on Kant on geometry and imagination

NAKS group session
Pacific APA
Vancouver, Canada
 April 2015 [link]
'Before the creation of nature and a finite spirit': Hegel's Kantian revisions of Schelling's idealism

workshop on early analytic philosophy
UQAM Montreal
  March 18-19 2015 [link]
Rethinking Kant's 'progression': German Idealism and the conditions for representation and consciousness

Colloquium/German philosophy workshop
University of Chicago
January 2015 [link]
Hegel's criticism of Kant's conception of logic

'Logic in Kant's Wake'
McMaster University
January 2015 [link]
Hegel and Kant on the transition from consciousness to self-consciousness

Department Colloquium
Auburn University
December 2014 [link]

Seminar in Phenomenology and the History of Philosophy (SIPHOP)
Metropolitan State University, Denver
 Sept 2014 [link]
Structuralist themes in the early Husserl
(with Erich Reck)

Ghent, Belgium
 July 2014 [link]
Bolzano's anticipation (and extension) of Frege's 'Protest' against Kant

SSHAP conference
Montreal, Canada
 May 2014 [link]
comments on James Messina, on Kant's theory of space and Spinozism

Pacific APA
San Diego, CA
 April 2014 [link]
Kant's distinction between perception and experience

Kant conference
University of Miami
 April 2014 [link]
The logical construction of the world of experience: reading Kant after Russell and Carnap

department colloquium
McMaster University
 March 28, 2014 [link]
Kant on the distinction between bodies and appearances

history of philosophy workshop
University of Toronto
 March 27, 2014 [link]
Geometry and the possibility of synthetic apriori
cognition in the early Carnap

SSHAP symposium
Central APA
Chicago, IL
 February 29, 2014 [link]
Kant on intuition, perception, and experience

History of Philosophy Roundtable
 Feb 21, 2014 [link]
The systematic importance of Kant's distinction between cognition and knowledge

Department Colloquium
University of South Carolina
 January 31, 2014 [link]
introduction (conference organizer)

Seminar in Phenomenology and the History of Philosophy (SIPHOP)
  Oct 19-20, 2013 [link]
Sensation, intuition, apprehension, and association within animal minds

Conference on Kant and animals
University of the Witwatersrand
Johannesburg, South Africa
 July 2013 [link]
The development of Carnap's views on logic up to the Aufbau

Symposium on Carnap's Aufbau
Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy
University of Munich
 July 2013 [link] [video]
The conceptual subordination of freedom to nature? On the relation between Kant's Tables of Categories

Kant workshop
Oxford University
 June 25, 2013 [link]
workshop on Bolzano/Prihonsky, The New Anti-Kant

McMaster University
Hamilton, Canada
June 17-20, 2013
The distinction between intuition, 'perception', and experience in Kant

Philosophy Department Colloquium
UC Irvine
 June 7, 2013 [link]
Comments on Daniel Smyth, 'Infinity and givenness'

NAKS Biennial meeting
Cornell University
 May-June 2013 [poster]
In what sense is Frege a 'universalist' about logic?

Fregefest IV
UC Irvine
 April 12-13, 2013 [link]
Kant, Bolzano, Frege, and the universalist conception of logic

German Philosophy workshop
Wittgenstein workshop (joint)
University of Chicago
 Feb 8, 2013 [link]
Kant's use of 'Erkenntnis' in its historical context

History of Philosophy Roundtable
 Feb 1, 2013 [link]
Transcendental idealism as a theory of intentionality

Department colloquium
University of Michigan
 Nov 2012 [link]

Kant and the founding of phenomenology
Indiana University, South Bend
 Sept 2012 [link]
Hegel's reconception of Kant's transcendental logic

German Idealism JHP master class
University of Chicago
 July 2012
Kant, Leibniz, and the metaphysical foundations of logic

HOPOS symposium
Halifax, Nova Scotia
 June 2012
Husserl and Heidegger on categorial synthesis

SPAP group session
Pacific APA Seattle
 April 2012
The necessity of receptivity in logic: Frege's critique of Kant in the Grundlagen

SSHAP group session
Pacific APA Seattle
 April 2012
Kant on being and nothing

seminar presentation
University of Toronto
 Mar 2012
Rethinking the generality and formality of logic

Archives Husserl de Paris
Ecole Normale Supérieure
 Febr 2012 [poster]
Kant's appearances as de re senses

Kant conference
University of Miami
 December 2011
Kant and Bolzano on the relationship between logic and ontology

Bolzano-Kant colloquium
Oldenburg, Germany
 July 2011 [link]
Workshop on the logic and ontology of questions and answers

Univ of Paris I (Sorbonne)
 July 2011 [link]
The relation between logic and ontology in (and after) Kant

Southern California Working Group in History and Philosophy of Logic and Math
 June 2011 [link]
A relatively short argument for the non-conceptuality of intuitions

North American Kant Society
1st Biennial National Meeting
Univ of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana
 June 2011 [link]
Extensions of concepts from the Port-Royal Logique to Kant's Logik

New England Colloquium
 in Early Modern Philosophy
Dartmouth College
 May 2011 [link]
Comments on Seung-Kee Lee, 'Logical Forms, Indeterminacy, and the Subjective Unity of Consciousness in Kant'

Pacific APA
San Diego
 April 2011 [link]
The relation between logic and ontology in (and after) Kant

Philosophy Department Colloquium
University of Nevada, Las Vegas
 March 2011 [link]
Kant on the extensions of concepts

History of Philosophy Roundtable
 February 2011
Kant on formal and transcendental logic

Pacific Study Group
North American Kant Society
Claremont colleges
 December 2010
Kant on the content and object of an intuition

Philosophy Department Colloquium
 October 2010
Kant on the generality of logic

11th International Kant Kongress
Pisa, Italy
 May 2010
The place of subjectivity in a Wissenschaftslehre

Society for the Study of the History of Analytical Philosophy
Pacific APA
San Francisco
 April 2010
Comments on Ludmila Guenova, 'The problem of classification: Kant's reply to Locke'

Pacific APA
San Francisco
 April 2010
From the ontological to the semantical 'an sich'

Society for the Study of the History of Analytical Philosophy
Central APA
 February 2010
Comments on Jennifer Mensch, 'Kant's theory of intuition in the Inaugural Dissertation'
Central APA
 February 2010
Kant and Frege on the generality of logic

Southern California Philosophy Conference
Claremont Colleges (Claremont, CA)
  November 2009
The concept of Erscheinung in Kant and Bolzano

Bolzano-Kant workshop
Kansas City
 September 2009
Kant and Frege on the place of subjectivity of logic

Department Colloquium (selected by the graduate students)
UC Irvine
 May 2009
Judgment and truth in Kant's logics

Central APA
 February 2009
Unconscious representation and non-conceptual content in Kant's theory of cognition

Pacific Study Group
North American Kant Society
University of California, Irvine
 October 2008 [website]
Comments on Bryan Hall, 'A Dilemma for Kant’s Theory of Substance'

Central APA
  April 2008 [program pdf]
Concepts as objects in Husserl's Logische Untersuchungen

California Phenomenology Circle
Cal Poly -- San Luis Obispo
  April 2008 [website; poster]
Logical forms as objects of intuition in Husserl's sixth Logische Untersuchung

History of Philosophy Roundtable
  November 2007 [website]
Apprehending Logical Form

Sawyer Seminar Conference
University of Chicago
  October 2007 [website]
Husserl and the Intuition of Logical Form
Wittgenstein workshop
University of Chicago
  Februrary 2007
Identity and individuation: Kant's criticisms of Leibniz
Early Modern Philosophy workshop
University of Chicago
   November 2006
'Umfang' as a technical term in Kant's logic*
   (*winner of the NAKS 2007 Marcus Herz Prize)

Pacific Study Group
North American Kant Society
University of California, Riverside
   October 2006
The Status of Logical Laws
Affliated Fellows workshop
Franke Institute, University of Chicago
  April 2006
Logic and Individual Objects: Kant and Frege
Contemporary Philosophy workshop
University of Chicago
  February 2006
Deleuze, Criticism, Kant
Contemporary European Philosophy workshop
University of Chicago 
  February 2006
Kant and the Normativity of Logic
10th International Kant Congress
Universidade de São Paulo (Brazil)
  September 2005
Kant and Descartes on 'realitas objectiva'
Atlantic Canada Seminar in Early Modern Philosophy
Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia
  July 2005
The Ground of the Unity of Pure Intuition

UK Kant Society graduate conference
London School of Economics
  July 2004




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