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Kant on the Dynamics of Mind: Transcendental Idealism as a Theory of Intentionality
[tentative title!]
developing and defending a new interpretation of Kant's doctrine of the mind, with an aim toward re-contextualizing and re-interpreting transcendental idealism (in progress)
New Anti-Kant
ed. and transl., with Sandra Lapointe
Palgrave Macmillan, 2014 [link]

{research articles}

'Hegel’s conception of thinking in his Logics'
in Logic from Kant to Russell, S. Lapointe ed. (Routledge, forthcoming) [link]
draft [pdf]
'The subject in Hegel's absolute idea'
Hegel Bulletin (forthcoming)
'Kant on the place of cognition in the progression of our
Synthese, first online: 24 November 2017 [link]
draft [pdf]
critical review: Pierre-Jean Renaudie, Husserl et les catégories
Husserl Studies 2017
early view online [link]
early view [pdf]
'Husserl’s philosophy of the categories and his development toward absolute idealism'
Grazer Philosophische Studien 94 (2017) 460-493 [link]
page proofs [pdf]
'Between 'perception' and understanding, from Leibniz to Kant'
Estudos Kantianos, 4.2 (2016) 71-98 [link]
'Hegel and Kant on reason and the unconditioned'
Hegel Studien, 50 (2017) 131-41
page proofs [pdf]
'The place of logic in Kant's philosophy'
in Palgrave Kant Handbook, ed. M. Altman, Palgrave 201X
draft [pdf] offprint [pdf]
'The relation between ontology and logic in Kant'
International Yearbook for German Idealism, 12 (2016) 75-98
page proofs [pdf]
de gruyter [link]
'Representation, consciousness, and mind in German Idealism'
in Nineteenth-Century History of Philosophy of Mind
ed. Sandra Lapointe
forthcoming: Routledge 201X
draft [pdf]
'The difference between original, metaphysical, and geometrical representations of space'
in Kantian Nonconceptualism
ed. Dennis Schulting (Palgrave 2016) 257-85
manuscript [pdf]
page-proofs [pdf]
'The meaning of ‘perception’ in Kant and his historical context'
Proceedings of the 12th Intl Kant Congress
ed. NNNN
forthcoming: De Gruyter 201X
manuscript [pdf]
'California Phenomenology' (with Jeff Yoshimi and David Woodruff Smith)
in The Reception of Husserlian Phenomenology in North America
Ed. Michela Beatrice Ferri.
forthcoming: Springer, 201X
draft [pdf]
'Kant's appearances as object-dependent senses'
in On the Sensible and Intelligible Worlds
eds. N. Stang and K. Schafer
forthcoming, Oxford 201X
draft [pdf]
'The context of the development of Carnap’s views on logic up to the Aufbau'
Vienna Circle Institute Yearbook, 18 (2016) 187-212
manuscript [pdf]
page proofs [pdf]
springer [link]
'Bolzano and Kant on space and outer intuition'
in New Anti-Kant
eds. S. Lapointe and C. Tolley
Palgrave Macmillan, 2014
page-proofs [pdf]
'Bolzano and Kant on the nature of logic'
History and Philosophy of Logic
Volume 33, Issue 4, 2012, pp307-327 [link]
page-proofs [pdf]
'The non-conceptuality of the content of intuitions: a new approach'
Kantian Review
Volume 18, Issue 1, March 2013, pp107-136 [link]
manuscript [pdf]
'Bolzano and Kant on the place of subjectivity in a Wissenschaftslehre'
Grazer Philosophische Studien
Volume 85, 2012, pp63-88 [link]
page-proofs [pdf]
'Kant on the content of cognition'
European Journal of Philosophy
(EarlyView Online 2011) [link]
manuscript [pdf]
'Entre sens et non-sens: Benoist sur l'explication réaliste de intentionalité'
Philosophiques 37.2 (Automne 2010)
offprint [pdf]
english manuscript [pdf]
'The generality of Kant's transcendental logic'
Journal of the History of Philosophy Volume 50, Number 3, July 2012 [link]
manuscript [pdf]
'Idealism and the question of truth'
Oxford Handbook on Truth
(forthcoming, Oxford UP)
manuscript [pdf]
'Frege's elucidatory holism'
Inquiry 54.3 (June 2011) [link]
'Kant on the generality of logic'
Proceedings of the 11th International Kant Congress
Berlin: Walter de Gruyter (forthcoming)
manuscript [pdf]
'Kant and the nature of logical laws' Philosophical Topics, 34.1 & 2
(Spring & Fall, 2006)
offprint [pdf]
'Kant and the normativity of logic' Proceedings of the 10th International Kant Congress 
Berlin: Walter de Gruyter, 2008 [link]


Review of L. Anderson, The Poverty of Conceptual Truth
Philosophical Review, 127.3 (July 2018) 399-403 [link]
Review of P. Garavaso and N. Vassallo, Frege on Thinking and its Epistemic Significance
Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews (June 2017)
Review of K. Ameriks, Kant's Elliptical Turn
Philosophical Review, 124.4
(October 2015) [link]
Review of S. Zizek, Event
Open Set
(December 2014) [link]
Review of S. Lapointe, Bolzano's Theoretical Philosophy
Philosophy in Review, 34.1-2
(2014) [link]
Review of R. Mendelsohn, The Philosophy of Gottlob Frege Philosophy in Review, 26.1 (February 2006) 
Review of A. Melnick, Themes in Kant’s Metaphysics and Ethics Philosophy in Review, 25.3
(June 2005)
Review of A.B. Dickerson, Kant on Representation and Objectivity Philosophy in Review, 24.6
(Dec. 2004)


Kant's Conception of Logic
Ph.D. Dissertation
Univ. of Chicago, 2007
pdf at Proquest [link]
manuscript [pdf]




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