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Graduate Teaching

As well as the courses listed below, I have offered seminars at UCSD on: Hobbes; Hellenistic and Early Modern Ethics; Natures and Laws in Seventeenth-Century Natural Philosophy. Most recently I have taught:

  • Philosophy 214: Leibniz, Nature and Mathematics (Winter 2006)
  • Philosophy 285: Nietzsche's Critique of Morality (Winter 2007)
  • Philosophy 285: Epicureanism, Ancient and Modern (Spring 2008, co-taught with Monte Johnson)
  • Philosophy 201: Hume's Treatise (Spring 2009, co-taught with Sam Rickless)
  • Philosophy 201: Spinoza's Ethics (Fall 2004, Spring 2011)
  • Philosophy 202: History of Ethics: Aquinas to Locke (Winter 2012)

Dissertations Chaired

  • Kyle Sereda, "Leibniz's Theory of Number" (Ph.D. 2017)
  • Daniel Schwartz, "Baconian Foundationalism and the Problem of Certainty" (Ph.D. 2014)
  • Erin Frykholm, "Narrative Epistemology and the Variability of Virtues: Hume on Character and Moral Evaluation" (Ph.D. 2011, co-chaired with Dick Arneson)
  • Kristen Irwin, "The Core Mysteries: Pierre Bayle's Philosophical Fideism" (Ph.D. 2010)
  • Carl Sachs, "The Collapse of Transcendence in Nietzsche's Middle Period" (Ph.D. 2005)
  • Matthew Kisner, "Descartes' Naturalistic Rationalism" (Ph.D. 2004)
  • Michael Futch, "Time and Causation in Leibniz's Metaphysics" (Ph.D. 2001, Emory University)
  • Christa Davis Acampora, "Philosophos Agonistes: Nietzsche as Exemplar and Educator" (Ph.D. 1998, Emory University)
  • Steven Parchment, "Spinoza's Doctrine of Immortality" (Ph.D. 1997, Emory University)