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I will be on leave for Fall quarter 2019 and Winter quarter 2020. In Spring 2020, I am scheduled to teach Phil 26 (Science, Society, and Values) and Phil 161 (Topics in the History of Ethics)

More information on my graduate teaching is here.

Below are some of the undergraduate courses I have taught at UCSD:

  • Philosophy 32: Philosophy and the Rise of Modern Science
  • Humanities 3: Renaissance, Reformation, and Early Modern Europe (third course of the Revelle College Humanities sequence)
  • Philosophy 87: Perfection and the Human Genome (Freshman Seminar)
  • Philosophy 102: Hellenistic Philosophy
  • Philosophy 104: The Rationalists
  • Philosophy 105: The Empiricists
  • Philosophy 108: Nineteenth-Century Philosophy
  • Philosophy 130: Metaphysics