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In Fall quarter 2015, I am teaching Phil 90, Basic Problems in Philosophy, which will focus on ethical issues surrounding biomedical enhancement; a description of the course can be found here. I am also teaching Phil 108, Nineteenth-Century Philosophy, which will focus on the philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche.

In Winter quarter 2016, I will teach Phil 32, Philosophy and the Rise of Modern Science, as well as a graduate seminar co-taught with Monte Johnson.

More information on my graduate teaching is here.

Below are some of the undergraduate courses I have taught at UCSD:

  • Philosophy 32: Philosophy and the Rise of Modern Science
  • Humanities 3: Renaissance, Reformation, and Early Modern Europe (third course of the Revelle College Humanities sequence)
  • Philosophy 87: Perfection and the Human Genome (Freshman Seminar)
  • Philosophy 102: Hellenistic Philosophy
  • Philosophy 104: The Rationalists
  • Philosophy 105: The Empiricists
  • Philosophy 108: Nineteenth-Century Philosophy
  • Philosophy 130: Metaphysics