II Oxford Studies in Early Modern Philosophy
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Forthcoming: Volume 11 (ed. Donald Rutherford)
  1. The Institution of Nature: Descartes on Human and Animal Perception, Mattia Mantovani
  2. Substance, Causation, and the Mind-Body Problem in Johann Clauberg, Nabeel Hamid
  3. La Forge's Partial Occasionalism: Why God Does Not Do Everything, Sandrine Roux
  4. What Is It Like to Be a Material Thing? Henry More and Margaret Cavendish on the Unity of the Mind, Colin Chamberlain
  5. Spinoza on the Fear of Solitude, Hasana Sharp
  6. Cudworthian Consciousness, Matthew A. Leisinger
  7. Astell and Masham on Epistemic Authority and Women’s Individual Judgment in Religion, Kenneth L. Pearce
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