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Forthcoming: Volume 9 (ed. Donald Rutherford)
  1. Loving the Body, Loving the Soul: Conway's Vitalist Critique of Cartesian and Morean Dualism, Julia Borcherding
  2. Our Body is the Measure: Malebranche and the Body-Relativity of Sensory Perception, Colin Chamberlain
  3. Locke on Enthusiasm and the Association of Ideas, Kathyrn Tabb
  4. Thinking Matter in Locke's Proof of God's Existence, Patrick Connolly
  5. Form, Figure, and Two Types of Extended Being: Averroism in the Young Leibniz, Mogens Lærke
  6. Unperceived Existence and Hume's Theory of Ideas, Jonathan Cottrell
  7. Sine qua non Causation: The Legacy of Occasionalism in Kant's New Elucidation, Andrea Sangiacomo
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